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Eromanga-sensei – Episode 7

REACTION – The episode starts off where we left off as Muramasa states that she does not will for Masamune’s dream to succeed as it goes in the way of her own dream.

Masamune works hard in producing a sixty-page short story using the same plot of his “hundred-page love letter” of a story, with the assistance of Elf Yamada. He finishes his work barely before the deadline but is visited by Muramasa in his own home.

Muramasa states about her dream and why Masamune’s dream stands in its way.

She states that before, as a reader, every book she read was really uninteresting and she wanted to change that. Hence, she decided to write novels for herself which gets Elf Yamada and Masamune somewhat disgusted since she doesn’t remember any of her works.

She reveals that she is a die-hard fan of Masamune Izumi ever since he started writing web-short stories. When she got a hold of Masamune’s first publication, she got hooked and got severely depressed when it ended.

What happens? That isn’t a great ending,” this are her thoughts which led her to pursue writing. She got even more mad since Masamune switched from battle-novels to romance-comedy novels which hindered her own writing since she uses Masamune as a sort of inspiration.

She proposes that Masamune writes for her, only her – to which forces Sagiri out of her room and declares that “He is mine! Only mine! I was here before you!

Masamune tells Muramasa that this will the “best masterpiece” he has written and she should be excited for it as she is a fan. To which she replies, “If it isn’t interesting, I will kill you.”

Later on, Muramasa lets Masamune read her entry to the competition titled my “Not-so-cute Kouhai” which is pretty obvious that it refers to the both of them. This is where Muramasa confesses her love to him which he replies with “I love someone else.”

Masamune wins the competition afterwards since Muramasa was disqualified from first place after not complying with guidelines to restrict it to a certain page limit.

I think this episode has introduced to us the counterpart for Oreimo‘s Ayase, which is now Muramasa. She has this yandere-vibe all over her and desires Masamune’s love, at all costs. But little sister won’t let that happen.

This was quite an exciting and hilarious episode to watch – with Sagiri’s defense of Masamune, Muramasa’s confessions, and Yamada’s willingness to help both Sagiri and Masamune to get to their dreams.

At least it’s not cutting any sort of detours as much as Oreimo had done with its characters and story. It gets to the point and doesn’t waste anytime, as well being entertaining whilst doing it.

On to the next episode!

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