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30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 20

Day 20: Anime Character that gets on your nerves

The choices for this article are endless for me as I have encountered a lot of characters that make no sense or just need to be erased from the face of this earth. Honestly, if it was “anime characters that get on my nerves” then I would probably have about over thirty of them in that list.

Sadly, I need to pick one.

There comes a time when a certain character has this game-changing ability to his advantage and despite possessing such ability, he ends up using its benefits the worst way possible.

Subaru, from the anime series Re:Zero, is the best example of this type of character.

I don’t need to finish the entirety of this anime series to understand the full depth of hate I have for this character. Subaru is one of those anime characters that I deem as “stupidity incarnate” as he is basically useless and annoying in whatever situation he’s pulled into, despite his high chances of success.

In the first episode, the anime series establishes that Subaru is this NEET who gets plunged into an alternate medieval fantasy world and whenever he dies, he returns to one point in time – kind of like a save point.

Subaru came across as this character who had the tendency to somewhat break the forth wall going in the dialogues of “I must have some form of magic since I was transported to this place” and other similar sentences. Despite this sort of awareness that such things could occur in this new dimension he is in, he is still clueless about his time reset ability despite going through the same loop of events.

The worse of it all is that he is aware that he is stuck in some sort of loop and whatever new actions he does can dramatically change the entire timeline – he knows this for a fact. Despite that knowledge, he refuses to come up with a logical solution to the same goddamned problems he faces every fucking time loop.

When he tried to strike a bargain for Emilia’s badge in exchange for his phone, he admits that he “is going to return it to its owner.” Like smh, the person who possesses that badge has obviously stole it from the same person you’re trying to return it to. They are not going to say “Oh sure, man, as long as you pay me good” because that’s not how these kind of deals work.

You never disclose the truth in every situation. Never.

I understand that people would normally be fazed by going through the act of dying: to relieve the pain you feel every few seconds before you die multiple times – that has to be psychologically straining.

However, it beats the fact that firstly – Subaru tries to deconstruct the entire genre by going on about “I should have magic then” or “I should be the hero of this world then.” Secondly, he is shown to at least maintain some sort of sanity whenever he dies or something extraordinary happens – shouldn’t that be enough thinking process to devise some sort of temporary solution?

Subaru never even tries to rationalize the things happening around him and the actions he is doing.

He easily clung to Emilia after she saved him from being beat up by a group of thugs – calling her names of “angel,” “savior,” and what not.

He blurts out every single thing he thinks without realizing its consequences that it might get him killed.

I may not have finished the entire series but I have seen clips of Subaru choosing Emilia over Rem or any logical romantic partner he could have. Like why the hell would you still be fawning over someone that has not done anything significant for you other than save you just one time.

This reminds me of the same logic that Kyousuke, from the anime series Oreimo, when he chose his little sister over his girlfriend. Like, what the actual fuck? Where is the logical reasoning behind that? There has to be some sort of trigger whether it’d be insignificant or not as to how he’s developed these romantic feelings other than being saved.

What is he? Some sort of token princess awaiting her knight in shinning armor?

Subaru is just one out of the many characters that I hate in anime and honestly, I wish I could list them all out but it just goes on and on every time I watch a new series.

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I found Subaru so incredibly annoying I never did manage to finish the first episode of re Zero despite starting it three times. Everyone kept insisting the anime was so good but I just found myself so angry watching him. I’ve finally crossed that one off my list for good because the bottom line is with a main character so irritating there is no way I care what they do to him in the story.


Hey, I stopped at the second episode with the same reasons. The show was becoming really of a pain to watch with Subaru just making his situation worse. I just lost interest entirely.

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