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30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 19

Day 19: Most Epic Scene Ever

Since I don’t have an abundance of shonen anime series to watch, I am lacking in terms of choices for the “most epic scene ever.” I think I’ll chose something that’s pretty much common and the basis for all sorts of fantasy-set fight/battle scenes.

Sword Art Online is out of the question.


The most epic scene ever would probably be the fight between Nagato Yuki and Ryoko Asakura.

It all starts with Kyon is invited into their classroom by Ryoko Asakura, their class president. She starts asking Kyon if a situation were to occur that maintain status quo would make worse and making abrupt change is needed to progress, would he go for it? Basically, Ryoko consults Kyon if “radical change” was needed if status quo would be worse.

Kyon misinterprets this as Ryoko talking about Japanese economy and say “well, if it’s the only way to go…

This triggers Ryoko to kill Kyon and his reaction is just goddamned priceless:

“Why? Naze?” (Skip to 1:58)

Those two words were the selling point of this scene. Just screw the fight scene, screw the data manipulation between Nagato and Ryoko – hearing Kyon saying “Why? Naze?” was the most hilarious shit ever and goes to show why everyone should love this character for his snarky and sarcastic humor.

This fight scene was beautiful and can still compete with the current animation of today. It’s action-packed, fast-paced, 3D CGI, and overall – well animated.

2 replies on “30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 19”

I really loved that scene and I love that it is one of the few action sequences Nagato gets to participate in as usually she’s pretty much stuck just sitting or standing. Though, even in an actual fight she’s not really much for moving.


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