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30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 17

Day 17: Favorite Supporting Male Anime Character

Out of all the supporting male characters I have seen in anime, nothing stands out better than Youhei Sunohara of the anime series, Clannad.

Sunohara is the best friend of the series’ main character, Tomoya Okazaki. He entered school on an athletic scholarship until he got kicked out of the soccer club after a fight with the help of Tomoya.

After such incident, he got lazy and started being a delinquent along with Tomoya.


Throughout the series, Sunohara assumes the role of a comic relief character and gets beat up as part of a repetitive gag because of his behavior. But there were some arcs in the series where he got involved in a minor role: becoming a member in Nagisa’s drama club and helping out Fuko.


The best arc where Sunohara was involved in is during the first episodes of the series’ second season. This is when Sunohara tries to get a fake girlfriend in order to convince his little sister that he is doing well in life. His little sister, Mei, is still unconvinced and gets into a fake relationship with Tomoya to get Sunohara back into the brother “she used to know.”

Sunohara goes into a time of depression and Tomoya tries to convince the soccer club to let him re-join so that Sunohara can have a goal in life. However, the members refuse to do so and end up bullying Mei.


This results in an all-out brawl between Tomoya and Sunohara versus the entire Soccer Club.

It was in this arc that solidified how good of a supporting character and friend Sunohara was for Tomoya. It felt as if it was a Batman-Robin duo, wherein one can do great things but when together, they get better.

Another thing was during the -AfterStory- arc, where Tomoya got heavily depressed by Nagisa’s death. Sunohara was there, along with the rest of Tomoya’s friends, to cheer him up and give him support.

It was like having two friends in real life – one supported the other in his down times and vice versa.

Sunohara is, so far, my favorite supporting male character in anime.

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