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Eromanga-sensei – Episode 6

REACTION – We continue where we left off from the previous episode as Megumi unveils her strategy on how to win Sagiri’s friendship. She goes for “if you can’t beat em’, be them” strategy and asks Masamune and Tomoe for light novel recommendations.


After being insulted when Megumi said “creepy otaku books,” Tomoe picks out good recommendations that will make Megumi interested and addicted to light novels. At the end, it turns out such a success as Megumi gets addicted on the books and asks Masamune if he could use his connections to tell the authors to make sequels.

After a bit of dialogue, Megumi decides to meet Sagiri under her condition that she becomes a model for her illustrations. Megumi accepts but gets blindfolded and tied up as part of the conditions – much to her displeasure and skepticism.

When Megumi is sent to Sagiri’s room, Sagiri ends up taking this old man behavior and starts staring at her weirdly as she illustrates to the point where she took off Megumi’s panties (jackpot). As a result, Megumi bursts into tears and Sagiri apologies.


In the end, Sagiri reveals herself and lends Megumi her favorite books – but denies that she wants to be friends with Megumi.

After those events, Masamune doesn’t get a publishing spot and needs to wait for next year. However, he must get a publishing spot in order to show their guardian results and make them continue their current way of life.

Masamune is helped by Elf Yamda-sensei as she tries to change his editor to Elf Yamada’s. Along the way, they meet a shy, timid girl bringing her own manuscript. The three of them meet Masamune’s editor and she works out a compromise – Masamune can participate a contest among rookies in order to gain a publishing spot.


Masamune signs up and declares that his dream will be within his reach. However, the shy, timid girl who came along them refuses to see that dream come into reality and reveals that she is Muramasa-sensei – Masamune’s main rival for this series.

So begins the real sauce of this series. The showdown between Muramasa and Masamune-sensei.

Overall, this episode was a sort of set-up for the next few episodes to come. I hope for enjoyable stuff in the next episode and some sort of closure to the romantic sub-plot between Sagiri and Masamune, as well as Elf Yamada – since it is hinted that she may like him.

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