30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 16

Day 16: Anime with the Best Animation

There is no hesitation in me as I say that the anime film, “Kimi no Na Wa.” or more commonly known as “Your Name.,” is the anime with the best animation to have been released as of late.

Makoto Shinkai has clearly outdone himself with this latest work since it showcases his brilliant storytelling and direction. The film, Kimi no Na Wa, has some of the most wonderfully detailed animation sequences one could ask in an anime film.

You can see the animation budget just bleed out of every frame used in this film. Everything is just so wonderfully detailed to the last drawn line. Words don’t do this film justice.

Here are some clips to prove my point:

Ladies and gentlemen, load up that internet speed and crank all of these videos to HD because it’s gonna be worth it.

Every time I watch these clips, I end up on the verge of crying and a slight chill. If you haven’t watched this, you are seriously missing out on a good film. Being an otaku isn’t even necessary, just watch it and you will like it.

-mic drop


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