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Attack on Titan 2 – Episode 6

REACTION – Never have I felt so satisfied after watching an episode of Attack on Titan. It was a wonderful development of maturity to see Eren understanding when to go all out or when to lay low.


This entire episode is basically Eren growing a brain and understanding that not every battle, scenario, or thing can be solved by him alone in an instant. Eren actually uses proper logical thinking and close quarters combat which he learned whilst training for the Survey Corps.


We get to see Eren feeling somewhat betrayed as he fights the Armored Titan which was revealed as Reiner in the previous episode. There were a few flashbacks on Eren’s interactions with Reiner and how he admired the guy for his righteous personality and an air of being everyone’s older brother.

However, after being backstabbed by both Reiner and Berholdt, he only feels disgust and shame for them as he goes in a one-versus-one fight with the Armored Titan.

Mikasa going bat-shit crazy over what to do and making sure Eren remains safe was something to note of throughout this episode. You can clearly see Mikasa’s desperation to help out the titan form Eren as he battles against the Armored Titan Reiner.

Even going to such lengths which almost gets her hurt by the ongoing slugfest between the two titans. Despite all of that, we can clearly see that Mikasa has a human aspect as she hesitates on killing the Colossal and Armored Titan.

That’s quite a relief to see.

Another thing to note was the flustered Hanji as she lands on the titan Eren’s shoulder and talks to him. After giving out instructions to leg-lock Reiner and Eren nodding in understanding, Hanji gets all flustered. Welp, different strokes for different folks.

Overall, this was just an action-packed episode with not much interesting parts other than the fact that Eren is thinking logically now.


Lastly, almost forgot to point out, that the 3D CGI scene where the Colossal Titan attacks the soldiers on the wall was splendid to watch. Good job, studio TRIGGER.

Off to the next episode.

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This was a really action filled episode and the Eren focus (even if he was thinking) kind of made me remember some of my past issues with the series. That said, it was a great follow up to the episodes that came before it and then of course we had the cliffhanger finish. Waiting for the next one.

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