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30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 9

Day 9: Best Anime Villain


I was a little bit skeptical since there only a few anime villains which I considered to be good and out of that roster, I picked out Slaine Troyard from the anime series Aldnoah.Zero.

In this anime series, Earth and Mars have different governments currently in-rivalry with each other. Slaine was the son of Dr. Troyard who went to Mars in order to study Aldnoah Drives which were the main technology utilized by the people of Vers (Mars).

Slaine came shortly after to Mars via rocket but was on the verge of death after his suit was submerged with fluid as well as his insides. He was saved by Princess Asseylum by giving reverse CPR.

After his father’s death, Slaine was treated as some sort of nuisance by all of Vers except for its princess, Asseylum Vers Allusia.


After years and years, Slaine becomes in-debted to Asseylum after saving his life countless times from the people who wanted to kill him because he was born from Earth. He becomes loyal to her and is still evident throughout the series.

In the start of this series, Asseylum visits Earth as a sort of delegation for Vers in an effort to make amends with the United Earth government after the First Mars – Earth War. However, a group of Vers Empire sympathizers “assassinate” Asseylum thus sparking major outrage from both sides.

Vers puts blame on the United Earth government for assassinating their princess thus sparking a second Mars – Earth War.

Now Slaine is in the middle of this mess. After the death of Asseylum, he gets more discriminated and abused for his status as an Earthling and is treated more of a slave by the Counts of the Vers Empire military.

Slaine’s story is more of a rag-to-riches thing as he rises up from being a slave to being a Count himself. But his loyalty to Princess Asseylum still remains strong.


In the aftermath of the supposed assassination of Princess Asseylum, he founds out that the princess could be alive but hides that secret from the rest of the Vers Empire. Despite countless times of getting tortured by the Counts, he still won’t not give away any evidence of the Princess being alive. That’s something admirable about him.

When the landing craft used by the Counts was attacked, he was transported and convinced to stay at the side of Count Saazbaum who ordered the assassination of the Princess. He was given the decision of joining the war in his side or flee to the surface of the Earth. Later on, he saves the Count and Princess Asseylum after attacking the United Earth military’s HQ which later earns him the title of “Sir” Slaine Troyard and gains his own servant and inherits the landing castle which the deceased Count Cruhteo once owned.


After gaining the trust of Count Saazbaum, Slaine was deemed as the Count’s son – therefore, granting him the rights and privileges of being a Count’s son. Now this is where I applaud Slaine for his devious plan as he kills Count Saazbaum and uses those rights to command Saazbaum’s landing craft and its soldiers.

Slaine had great plans but went about them in a bad way – which makes a good villain but also a bad-luck Brian. His intentions were good but they were executed  wrongly.

This is why I applaud Slaine as a character because he’s one of those villains who sought for the good of everyone but went about it the wrong way.

He wanted to unite both the Vers Empire and the United Earth under one banner but thought that the way to do this was through hostilities – which never worked out in the end.


His mind became much more twisted with the ideas he had for both United Earth and the Vers Empire which ultimately contributed to his downfall.

Slaine was not the best character since sometimes he came out as somewhat annoying but at the same time, he was someone to sympathize with because he had good intentions but just went about it the wrong way.

Aldnoah.Zero was a great series if you overlook the overpowered-ness of the main male character since it gives you somewhat of an idea on how a scenario where Mars and Earth had their own different governments would turn out.

sorry this article came out late

2 replies on “30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 9”

I really liked Slaine as a character in the first season. He was tragic but I admired him for his integrity. Season 2 Slaine kind of went off the rails in terms of development and at times it was hard to figure out just what he expected the outcome of his actions to be. By the end, he was kind of pitiful. Still, he’s an interesting character and he does have some great moments.


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