30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 10

Day 10: Favorite Fighter Anime

Honestly, I am not too keen when it comes to watching fighting, action or shonen anime series in general. So I am going to feature the only fighter/shonen anime I enjoyed which was Fairy Tail.

I decided to watch Fairy Tail because of two reasons. First, it was highly recommended by schoolmates and second, I needed to watch mainstream anime for an article in my Tumblr blog.

Fairy Tail is your typical, shonen anime series where there’s a rookie main character who gets introduced to this senior other main character and they use the power of friendship to defeat villains and all the bad guys.

The great thing about Fairy Tail was its comedy and the story knows where to draw the line between humor and seriousness.

The main character, Lucy Heartfilia, is an upstart celestial magic user who wishes to join the very popular guild Fairy Tail. She meets Natsu, one of the guild’s members, and enlists his help for her to get into the guild. So they meet a few bad guys here and there then Natsu gets her into the guild.

Oh dear lord, this is the most boring and simplistic plot ever.

Honestly, I am not fond of the shonen genre when it comes to its story. Usually I watch shonen anime when it shows a good balance of humor and brings out camaraderie among the main characters.

Fairy Tail had a good run apart from some few episodes and arcs that were a little bit questionable but it was still entertaining for me as a viewer. When it got to its second season, I kind of lost my interest in Fairy Tail.

The story arcs felt kind of repetitive and questionable, the animation was toned down quality-wise – it wasn’t something I could enjoy.

Great, I ended up dissing the show instead of saying why it is my favorite fighting anime.

This was my only choice considering I never watched shonen or fighting anime series except for Fairy Tail – that’s all there is to it.

I’m not even thrilled making this article.



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