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30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 7

Day 7: Anime Crush

It was a rough skirmish in the waters of Nisekoi. Different fleets have gathered upon this great ocean to end their differences once and for all. Fleets of the SS Chitoge, SS Onodera, SS Marika, and the minor fleets came and battled against one another.


I, Miandro, was one of the crew serving aboard the SS Kosaki Onodera. We fought well and hard against the three main fleets and the minor fleets. It was a rough battle and we suffered heavy–.. Ah, goddamnit, enough of this.



But in all seriousness, if you were to ask me what my anime crush/waifu was then I would not hesitate to tell you that it would be the goddess Kosaki Onodera.

Why her, you might ask? Why does someone like a plain main female lead, love interest that doesn’t have any striking features apart from being cute at whatever she does.

Let my lay down the reasons why I love this character so.

First, she has the attributes of a wife. If Onodera was a real person, I would seriously marry her. She’s so dependable, kind and caring to the people that she loves and certainly nothing would go wrong if you were in marriage with her.

Second, she’s cute. I mean, seriously, how can one deny a cutie such as Kosaki Onodera? If you deny her, you’ve denied yourself basically. That’s how bad it is if you deny her love.

Third, she’s Kosaki Onodera. Nuff’ said.


Kosaki Onodera is what I look for in a girl: dependable, cute, somewhat aloof but knows when to act smart. She is the best girl to have ever existed in an anime series and none have proven me otherwise.

kosaki onodera best grill. all of the other nisekoi ships can go sink in the atlantic ocean.

also the shy ones r the kinky ones

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