30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 4

Day 4: Favorite Female Anime Character

Out of all the anime series that I’ve watched so far, Senjougahara has been one of my personal favorites in terms of characters.


The best way to be describe her is a “crazy-psycho-bitch” who is also a strong, independent woman and if someone like Senjougahara were your girlfriend, you were the lucky one – not her.

In the entire Monogatari series, Senjougahara has always been this witty, tsundere female character that has a mix of weirdness and extreme when it comes to her sense of logic. This gal could probably end up as a yandere if you don’t play your cards right.


She’s a great conversation partner when it comes to Araragi, her main love interest and the main character of this anime series. Snarky, witty remarks coupled with Araragi’s stupid and surprised reactions is what makes dialogue in this series immensely fun.

Let’s go to her backstory: in the anime series, she was almost violated by a cult leader under the pretense that giving up her body as a sort of appeasement for the gods, which her mother willfully agreed.

This woman has been through a lot of f*cked up sh*t. Her mother went crazy because she joined a cult, her father is having some financial issues and yet in the end, she remains to be a strong-willed character that cannot be easily brought down.


These are the charms of Senjougahara: her wit, intellect, tsundere behavior coupled with a bit of yandere mixed in her.

Honestly, I would love to have Senjougahara as my girlfriend but I’m afraid my mental and physical abilities cannot take such a goddess as my partner.

Senjougahara. Best grill. Quality A grill.


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