30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 1

DAY 1: Very first anime that I have watched


I was about seven years old when I first found anime. The local television network was bringing in a new segment of their channel called “Toon Saturdays” which featured a lot of anime series showing in the morning.

The first anime series that I saw was Shakugan no Shana.

The first episode drew my interest as it featured a monster-like creature being controlled by a person which sucked out people’s souls whilst suspending the flow of time. It was a pretty interesting concept to me.

In this episode, the main character Yuji was immune to these time-suspending effects since he is the host of a special relic of some kind called the Reiji Maigo which means that his soul was no more but the remains of it still flicker brightly within him.

In this world, once your soul was somehow devoured or taken, you had a “torch” remaining which would flicker until it’d go out as you get erased from existence – no one would remember you. Your friends, relatives, family, classmates – everyone.

However, flame hazes like Shana battle with these people and keep ordinary humans safe.

It was a wonderful and interesting ride for me. A world filled with such fantasy, mystery and concepts that were new to a six year old me.

I grew along with this series from its first season to its fourth last season. I saw how characters like Yuji, Shana grew more mature and more independent to make some sort of difference in this big fantasy world they are involved in. How certain past enemies became important allies, how alliances were made, how groups formed.

Everything in this series fascinated me to an incredible level and leaves me in awe while reminiscing my experiences during the creation of this article.

How love is such a great driving force – even to those who wield strong, unimaginable power.

After watching this series, my interest into these new and more in-depth “cartoons” grew stronger and has lasted until this day.

Shakugan no Shana has always been a benchmark anime for me and I always find time to re-watch it whenever I can. Despite being released so long ago, it still has its entertainment value.


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