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Tsuki ga Kirei – Episode 3

REACTION – This episode was just an adorable sequence of events – the highlight of the entire episode. Tsuki ga Kirei delivers another great episode with just depicting real life adolescent romance and that is some good writing, right there.

It is the middle of midterm exams. Akane’s track meet a few days afterwards and a school trip a few days after that.


In the first parts of the episode, Akane is pestered by her friends that Hira, a clubmate, is probably going to confess to her any day now. Overheard, Kotarou is a little bit flustered and concern. He goes and chats with Akane on LINE to confirm his suspicions but can’t find a good way to do so. The chat ends up to be a wonderful exchange between two middle school students.

Kotarou seeks solace in Akane after his manuscript doesn’t win a writing contest, then Akane replies “I think you’re fine the way you are,” using the same words Kotarou said to her during the sports festival. It’s a pretty adorable scene and gives away what each side feels about the other.

Track meet comes and Hira attempts to confess his feelings to Akane but failing to do so, much to my relief. Akane beats her personal record and does well in the meet. Kotarou helps out in the local shrine – the reason why he couldn’t go to Akane’s track meet and cheer for her personally.

One of the most adorable things in this episode is how Kotarou is so tense if Akane replies to his messages or not. Slightly glancing at his smartphone, wondering if he should ask how her track meet went and all that good stuff.

Akane ends up meeting Kotarou at the shrine and there’s an awkward yet adorable exchange between the two. Kotarou wondering if he’s rather too forward or too timid with conversing and Akane wondering whether she should make the first step – it’s just too much.

Then, the big event – the usage of the “tsuki ga kirei” phrase which has a double meaning in Japanese, “I love you” has been done. Kotarou, our man, steps in and says “Will you go out with me?” leaving Akane shocked and confused.

The episode ends there. Goddamnit.


Overall, this episode was adorable to watch. I’ve been noticing how the confession scene at the end was so beautifully animated. Despite being a night scene, it was done perfectly – a glowing moon, the calm waters in the pond, a warm soundtrack. All of this contributed to the episode’s success.

I wonder what’ll happen next.

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