Alexander returns to Civ 6 as Macedon’s leader

NEWS – You thought we’d see the last of him? Well, you thought wrong – Alexander the Great returns to Civilization 6 as the leader of the Macedonian civilization.

Macedon’s unique ability is called Hellenistic Fusion. With this ability, Macedon gets a bonus when he conquers an enemy city based on the districts built there. It is rather unclear whether what sort of bonuses the player receives. Maybe if there’s a theater square district, you get bonus culture yields – so on and so forth.

Macedon’s unique unit is called Hypaspist. Replacing the swordsman, these units when sieging districts and get support unit bonuses. The districts could mean the city center and the encampment district since these two are the only ones you can technically “siege.” With regards to the support bonuses, the Hypaspist unit would probably benefit from battering rams, medic units and the like.

Another unique unit is the Hetairoi. This unit replaces the horseman and comes with a free promotion. It is rather unclear whether you get the promotion after training this unit or after its first attack.

Macedon’s unique building is called Basilikoi Paides. It yields science whenever a non-civilian unit is trained in the city and additional bonuses for specific military units. This would probably be useful when you’re doing rocking a huge military and want to ahead in technology. You can be at war and still be inching closer towards either a domination or science victory.

As for the additional bonuses for every unit, I am not sure if it entails more combat strength, yields or faster promotions since information is very limited at this moment.

As the Macedonian civilization, you don’t have to worry about war weariness and falling behind since you get bonuses as you capture enemy cities and your unique building yields science as you train military units. So you can still be ahead in technology whilst beating the living crap out of everyone in the game.

Will your name become synonymous with conquest? How will you lead the Macedonian empire? Will you ensure that your civilization will stand the test of time?


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