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Hibike! Euphonium 2nd Season

REVIEW – Kyoto Animation continues the “Hibike! Euphonium” anime series with a second season. It showcases the same characters with the addition of a few ones namely Mizore and Nozomi. The season comprises of thirteen episodes and depicts the struggles of the Kitauji high school concert band as they aim to win gold for Nationals.

Hibike! Euphonium is an example of Kyoto Animation’s signature with the stories it tells in each of their adaptations – full of moe. The studio has been known to have moe in most or rather all of their series.

What got me interested in this series in the first place was the fact that it was going to revolve around people involved in music. I, myself, am a musician and like what I do. Seeing an anime series that depicts music in a much wider (though not covering it entirely) scope just warms my heart.

The first season of this series was rather the typical KyoAni moe, slice-of-life story revolving around music. It gets even deeper and in-depth, especially with the characters, in this second season.

The series shows and explains the events that happened in Kitauji’s high school concert band prior to Kumiko’s membership. In the first season, it was vaguely described as a usual club drama. The seniors and juniors had a big argument and therefore caused the club to malfunction.

We are given a general idea of the whole conflict through Mizore and Nozomi’s story. How Nozomi appeared as an angel to Mizore and how Mizore became after Nozomi left the concert band. Albeit cliche but it works for me.

We get to see more depth in Asuka and Kumiko’s character. The series shows us a side of Asuka of being human – a person who has her troubles despite appearing to be the most “perfect” student. Kumiko’s character was given even more depth as she grows to like Asuka and gives her reasons to remain in the band over her mom’s desires.

Again, a bit cliche but it works wonderfully.

This season has been a great one – we’ve seen more character development compared to the last season. It was, as if, the writers decided to take a somewhat serious tone for the story whilst keeping that moe theme in tact and it worked wonderfully.

The ending was well-done with everyone coming to terms with their problems. A new set of officers were set to lead the remaining members of the concert band as the seniors graduated. The way how Kumiko clinged to Asuka so much was a bit weird for me since I felt some Yuri tension in there but nonetheless, I cannot argue.

The animation was praiseworthy as expected from Kyoto Animation but I can’t compare anything in this season to Reina’s scene from last season.

The orchestra soundtrack was impressive as well. I found the Marine’s march rather fun to listen.

This anime series would work well for those who’ve taken a liking to the slice of life and moe genre. If you like that and music, then you’re in for a treat if you watch this show. It may not appeal to all people but it’s worth watching it when you’re a bit down.



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