A civilization to stand the test of time

NEWS – Not too long ago, Sid Meir’s Civilization VI was released. It is the sixth of the ever-evolving and entertaining Civilization franchise. The game still operates the same with its predecessor, Civilization V, but with major changes to the mechanics and victory conditions.

I recently got my hands of a copy and been playing it for the past two days. It was a very exciting thing for me, being a fan of strategy games, to play this. The game was a little bit confusing at first but I got used to it fairly quickly. I’ll be tackling on the things that piqued my interest as I played the game.

First off, the main theme for the game was just spectacular. Every time I loaded up a new game, the song “Sogno di Volare” would just give me chills everywhere. It set up the premise of the game which was to “build a civilization that will stand the test of time”.

Secondly, Sean Bean as narrator was stunning to hear. The way his accent sets the mood when he dishes out a quote related to a newly discovered tech, civic, or wonder – it just gave me a realistic vibe of the game.

Lastly, the new victory condition -Religious Victory, is a new thing for the Civilization franchise. This is, personally, an enjoyable yet head-boggling goal to achieve. The victory condition requires you to convert the majority of the world to your religion. This can be time-consuming and can end up slowing you down if you don’t chart your course right. I’ll leave that up to your own personal experience.

While I may have left out some other new things like continents, new resources, and others – I’m leaving all of that to your own personal enjoyment. You can only enjoy something fully once you go in blind.

Civilization VI is the first base game of the series that is well-developed and feels complete. It is definitely worth your money and gaming time.


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